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To ensure that your dry fruits online shopping is pleasing, we bring you the best sourced walnuts in India. We help you to find the most authentic dry fruits, including walnut, without any worries. In every 100 g of walnuts, the nutrition value is equivalent to: Energy = 654 kcal, Protein = 15 g, Sugar = 2.6 g, Carbohydrates = 14 g, and Fat = 65 g. Experts recommend a regular consumption of at least 28 grams of walnuts in a day for health benefits.


  • These are rich in antioxidants, making it good for your skin and blood purification. 
  • Will help in the reduction of cancer development chances. 
  • Helps in lowering your blood pressure. 
  • Promotes a better gut and better gut health.
  • Improves sperm quality.
  • Reduces depression. 
  • Aids in better hair and nails. 
  • Improves body’s motor function. 
  • Helps in prevention of heart related diseases.

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