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Made from fresh strawberries of the best quality, from the best farms of India, Strawberry Jelly by FoodSpot is an excellent option in sweets, for the lovers of the delicious strawberry. Made from simple ingredients, a sweet layer of strawberry jelly is enveloped with Kaju Katli on both sides, combining two favourite desserts in one. Strawberries are sodium, fat and cholesterol-free and high in vitamin C and a lot of antioxidants. Cashews are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. A 100-gm serving has 39 gm of carbohydrates and is fat-free.



  • Strawberries increase HDL in the blood and lower blood pressure.
  • Strawberries also guard the body against cancer.
  • Cashews lower the rate of heart diseases.
  • Cashews are very good to maintain eye health, regular consumption decreases the risk of cataract formation in the eye.


Unit: 250 gm

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