Shai Pista 250G


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About the product:

We offer you a great selection of pistas, sourced from very authentic suppliers in India. We aim to help you find the best dry fruit online shopping experience with us. Ensuring good grade products and good grade pistas, we offer you Shai Pista. Every 100 grams of the product have Energy = 562 kcal, Fat = 45 g, Sugar = 8 g, Protein = 20 g, and Carbohydrates = 28 g. Regular consumption of pista will lead to a better health. Pistas are known for their many health-related benefits.


  • These are noted for high nutrient content. 
  • The antioxidant content in pistas is higher than many other nuts. 
  • These are very good for your eyes and eye health. 
  • Pistas have high fiber content, which is why they promote a healthier gut. 
  • Helps in healthy weight loss. 
  • Comes with a lot of protein.

Unit: 250G

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