Roasted Cashew 250G


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About the product:

Our aim is to make your dry fruit online shopping as pleasant as possible. Our selection of dry fruits also includes roasted cashews. The product is made with wholesome cashews, sourced directly from our authentic suppliers. Our aim is to help you find the perfect dry fruits online. In every 100 grams of the product you will find Energy = 553 kcal, Protein = 18 g, Carbohydrate = 30 g, Fat = 44 g, and Sugar = 5.9 g. Consumption of 30g of cashews is best for your health. 


  • Promotes a healthy heart. 
  • Helps in building better heart muscles. 
  • Promotes better muscles and muscle strength in your body. 
  • Helps you in curing various diseases. 
  • Can help you fight diabetes. 
  • Promotes better oral health. 
  • Aids more red blood cells production.
  • Helps in maintaining better bone health in your body.

Unit: 200G

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