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For your dry fruits online shopping, Foodspot offers many products. Roasted almonds offer the benefit of almonds, as well as a great touch of taste. You can make use of these as a good snack or as a side to your breakfast. In every 100 grams of roasted badam, or almonds, you will find: Energy = 579 kcal, Fat = 50 g, Sugar = 4.4, Protein = 21  g, and Carbohydrate = 22 g. Experts recommend consumption of around 14 grams of almonds, soaked or roasted in a day for maximum results.


  • These are loaded with antioxidants, which is why they purify your blood. 
  • This is the best source of vitamin E, which helps your skin.
  • Almonds can aid you to control your blood sugar levels. 
  • It helps in keeping your blood pressure levels in check. 
  • These can help you lower Cholesterol Levels

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