Quinoa Seeds 250G


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Quinoa seeds are a great alternative to junk food and unhealthy snacks. They keep your mouth busy and stomach filled in between meals without compromising your fitness goals. Gluten-free and rich in amino acids, it is among the best mukhwas out there to freshen your mouth and also have something healthy in the process. FoodSpot’s quinoa seeds mix is high in protein content, having 8.14 grams of it, 3.55 grams of fat and 39.4 grams of carbohydrate per unit. It provides a total energy of 222 kcal per unit.


  •         Good source of calcium, iron and magnesium and therefore good for bones and blood
  •         Provides vitamin B and E in great amounts
  •         Rich in antioxidants and fibre
  •         Helps control blood sugar levels

Unit: 250 grams

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