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Indian diet is usually rich and spicy. Even though delicious, spicy food may end up in bloating up your stomach. You can use a digestive aid to prevent the occurrence of gas within the gut. Mukhwas are ideal digestive agents and mouth freshners that are loved by people across all communities in India. You can presenta tray of assorted range of Mukhwas to friends and family members as a lovely gift. You can avail Mukhwas tray at Foodspot, the best portal to place online orders for premium and healthy food products. Our Mukhwas tray has on its platter Kutchi Mukhwas, M.Mukhwas, Pumpkin Seeds, Pundi Mukhwas and Sadabahar Mukhwas. All these products come in equal-sized jars containing 125 gm of each type of Mukhwas.  


  • Mukhwas are healthy post-meal snacks
  • They prevent stomach bloating 
  • They are tasty mouth freshners refreshing breath
  • Mukhwas reduce the need for HCL supplements

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