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The classic Indian dessert that has been winning hearts over generations is the Motichur Ladoo from FoodSpot. It is served on every special occasion in every household. It contains the perfect blend of besan, saffron powder, water, black cardamoms, melon seeds, and ghee. This sweet treat warms your soul and comforts your taste buds with its rich, earthy taste. The vibrant saffron colour of this delicacy is a familiar sight during all festive occasions and is popular among people of all ages. As for nutritional value, every 250g of Motichur Ladoo contains 185kcal of energy, 21g of carbohydrates, 14g of fat, and 4g of protein.


  • High energy content in a single serving
  • Popular among kids as well as adults
  • Perfect for gifting purposes during the festive season
  • Contains nutrients that help in the production of blood in the body
  • A high content of complex carbohydrates

Unit:  250g

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