Millinum Mix 200G


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About the product:

Our millinum mix is one of the best selling products on our page. We help you to find the perfect requirements for any occasion and for any type of snack. Made with select products such as Flour, Butter, Brown sugar, Egg, Chocolate chips, Pecans, Condensed milk, Toffee bits, our mix is most suited for children.  It can even serve as a snack option for kids and for adults alike. This will help you to find Energy = 534 kcal, Protein = 9 g, Carbohydrate = 51 g, and Fat = 32g in every 100 gram of the Millnum Mix. 


  • It is a great snack with high protein content. 
  • The energy output for the product is great as well. 

Unit: 200G

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