Mewa Bite 250G


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A tastier spin on the classic Soan Papdi, the Mewa Bite from FoodSpot has been winning hearts for decades. Made out of sugar, cashew, almond, butter, milk, edible vegetable oil, liquid glucose, milk solids & antioxidant (E 300), this bite-sized delicacy melts in your mouth and takes you to food paradise. It also contains a variety of dry fruits and nuts such as cashew, almond, peanut, other tree nuts & sesame seeds. The nuttiness of the sweet plays with your taste palette and is perfect for your hunger pangs. Every 250g of the Mewa Bite contains 133 kcal of energy, 11.2g of carbohydrates, 5.4g of protein, and 7.4g of fat. It also consists of 13.44g of saturated fatty acids.


  • Easy for consumption due to bite-size packaging
  • Perfect for gifting purposes during special occasions
  • Dry fruits are rich antioxidants

Unit:  250g

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