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Ker Sangri pickle belongs to Rajasthani cuisine. Small-sized, sour-to-taste ker berries and bean-shaped Sangri of the Khejri tree are pickled with numerous Indian spices. Ker Sangri pickle, available at Foodstop, is made out of dry sangri, dry ker, dry chilly, saunf, methi seeds, and mustard seeds along with kalonji, red chilli powder, haldi (turmeric) powder, aamchoor and hing.  250 gm unit Ker Sangri pickle contains 10.66 gm protein, 37.13 gm fat and 18.98 carbohydrate. 


  • Ker Sangri pickle is a rich source of essential minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and well as potassium
  • Serves as an ideal source of protein and healthy, dietary fibres.
  • Saponin ( present within Sangri pod), boosts up immunity system and helps to bring down cholesterol level
  • Ker is an effective anthelmintic that kills parasites living in the gut.

Unit: 250 gm

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