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It is hard to imagine a pickle with bitter gourd. Reality is – bitter gourd happens to be the primary ingredient in delicious Karela pickle. The other ingredients that add special zing to Karela pickle are saunff, jeera, methi, yellow mustard, turmeric, red chilly powder along with vinegar, lemon, garam masala, plain and black salt. You can avail this bitter gourd pickle from the online counter of Foodspot.  Each pack of 500 gm Karela Pickle contains 3 gm protein, 9 gm fat and 9 gm carbohydrate. 


  • Karela pickle has many health benefits like improved blood circulation
  • It helps to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol level in the body
  • It can purify blood, prevent skin rashes and give skin a glowing, lustrous appearance
  • Effective for weight management
  • Boost immunity system

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