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Sada Kaju of the highest quality can be found at Foodspot for you. Purchase your favority dry fruits online with Foodspot and enjoy. Our cashews are sourced directly from Indian farms and farmers. Every 100 grams of sada kaju will offer you 553 kcal energy, 18 g ofProtein, 30 g of Carbohydrate, = 44 g of fat and 5.9 g of sugar. The use of cashews has often been linked to many benefits. For best results, the daily recommended dose of consumption is 30gms. 


  • Helps in maintaining good hearth health. 
  • Cashews are filled with many viatmins. 
  • It promotes better bone strength. 
  • It helps you to boost and improve your immune system. 
  • Cashews are known to boost oral health as well.
  • They are known to prevent gallstones. 
  • It reduces the risk of anemia. 
  • It promotes the formation of RBCs in the body.

Unit: 200 G

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