Kaju Katri 250G


About the product:

When one talks about quintessential Indian desserts, KajuKatri from FoodSpot is bound to pop into everyone’s head. A classic hit with sweet lovers of all age, it is made out of dollops of cashew, water, sugar, rose water, and ghee. The surface of the sweet has edible silver foil that makes it look extremely attractive and appetising. The sweet offers an earthy and rich taste that will fulfil the foodie in you and leave you wanting more. When it comes to nutritional value, it consists of 57 kcal of energy, 1g of protein, 3g of fat, and 6g of carbohydrates.


  • Low in fat content
  • Ideal for gifting purposes during special occasions
  • Cashews can help in regulating levels of blood pressure
  • Cashews can help in the reduction of cholesterol levels
  • Fit for diabetic patients
  • Good for better heart health

Unit:  250g

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