Kaju Fry 250G


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Kaju Fry

Our dry fruits online selection offers you Kaju Fry for healthy snacks to purchase and deliver to your home. Our kaju fry is made with freshs and pure kajus, cashews, to help you find the most benefits in your regular snack. In every 100 gms of Kaju Fry, you’ll find 553 kcal of energy, 18 g of protent, 30 g of Carbohydrate, 44 gof fat, and .9 g of sugar. Kaju Fry has been noted as one of the best snacks and can be had at any time. 



  • Cashews are known for high vitamin content. 
  • Cashews promote a good hearth and keep your heart healthy.
  • It acts as a Cancer Chemopreventive Agent.
  • It promotes better muscles and muscle health in body. 
  • It helps and improves your bones, as well as bone health. 
  • Boosts oral health. 
  • Prevents gallstones.
  • Helps you improve your immune system. 


Unit: 250G

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