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The popularity of betel leaves as post-meal refreshments is unbeatable and unparalleled. Right from the olden days, it has been a favourite of the royals and the commons alike. The mixture of Maghai Paan by FoodSpot consists of betel leaves, fennel seeds, cardamoms, and dry dates, with gulkand in the end to add the lovely, sticky texture of an authentic Calcutta paan. The intense flavour is a contribution of the elaichi, the sweetness comes from the dry dates and the fennel seeds help balance it out with the crunch and freshness. The mukhwas has 0 grams of protein, merely a gram of fat and 20 grams of carbohydrate, providing 100 kcal of energy.


  • Betel leaves are excellent mouth fresheners and work as great oral antiseptic
  • Cardamoms help with bad breath, prevents cavities and helps with digestive ulcers
  • Date helps balance blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and are rich in antioxidant

Unit: 200 grams

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