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Green Pepper Pickle is one of the delicious pickles you can have with curd-rice or any other Indian meals. You can get it ordered from the online counter of Foodstop. The main ingredients of the pickle are fresh and tender green pepper, turmeric powder, lemon juice, mustard oil and edible salt. The nutritional chart of 500 gm pickle states that it has 0.8 g protein, 9.14 gm carbohydrate and 0.18 gm fat.  


  • Green pepper is full of iron, antioxidants and Vitamin K
  • Green pepper pickle helps in maintaining the digestive health
  • It helps to reduce gas formation within the stomach and thereby fight stomach problems
  • It can prevent bacterial growth
  • Presence of turmeric in the pickle ensures antiseptic properties

Unit: 500 gm

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