Green Pan Ball 20 Pieces


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A delectable list of ingredients has been brought together to create this sweet ball of pure indulgence, the Green Paan Ball by FoodSpot. The classic combination of sugar and coconut cooked in ghee has been improved by adding the delicious and refreshing flavours of paan. This sweet ball is ideal to complete any meal or is enough to be enjoyed on its own. The lovely texture of paan and coconut is complemented by the sweetness that comes from condensed milk with an aroma of ghee. A 100 gm serving contains 14 gm of carbohydrates and only 5 gm of fat along with other vitamins and minerals.



  • Betel leaves are full of vitamins like vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and carotene and are a great source of calcium.
  • Betel leaves are a powerhouse of antioxidants which them to cure upset stomachs and improve digestion.


Unit: 20 Pieces

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