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Gor Keri is another pickle delight in India. This traditional Gujarati pickle recipe has become popular across different communities in India. The sweet and spicy taste of Gor Keri pickle makes it a delectable choice for pickle fans. Chopped mangoes are flavoured with mustard oil and special Indian spices to make a ready-to-eat relishing pickle with parathas, rotis and khichdi. The spices used in this pickle are turmeric, mustard seeds, methi seeds and coriander seeds. The spicy concoction is sweetened by using jaggery or sugar. Order 500 gm jar of Gor Keri Special Pickle which has 0 gm protein, 55 gm carbohydrate and 5 g fat from Foodstop. 


  • Gor Keri has mango as the main ingredient which makes it high on vitamins (B and C)
  • Turmeric is a good antiseptic agent
  • It is effective as a digestive agent

Unit: 500 gm

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