Fancy Crush Peanut Chikki 250G


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Made from simple ingredients of the best quality, Fancy Crush Peanut Chikki by FoodSpot makes a delicious snack or a dessert after a meal. It is a great option for Jains as well. The peanuts are crushed delicately, which create an appealing balance of crunch and flavour in the mouth. The peanuts and jaggery in the chikki are enough to satisfy cravings and provide energy. 100 gm of the product contains 3.1 gm protein, 5.9 gm fat and 10.3 gm carbohydrates providing total energy of kcal. 



  • Peanuts are a storehouse of healthy, unsaturated fats
  • Peanuts contain a lot of vitamins like vitamin B-Complex and are also rich in antioxidants.
  • Jaggery is known as a detoxifying agent, it cleanses the entire body of toxins.
  • The snack gives instant energy but also keeps you full for a good amount of time.


Unit: 250 gm

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