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Dry fruits are an important part of Indian diet. Intake of dry fruits has its share of intrinsic goodness. These are super food which strengthen up the body, boost haemoglobin and fights against diseases. Share this goodness with others. Select our Dryfruit Tray option available at Foodspot and make events, occasions and festivals special for dear ones, friends and official contacts. Enjoy the premium taste of Roasted Cashew (200 gm), Roasted Almond (200 gm), and Pista (200 gm)contained within food-grade jars and presented in a special, decorative tray. 


  • Dry fruits are blessed with nutritional benefits of protein, minerals and vitamins. 
  • Protein-rich cashew is a strong immunity booster because they have beneficial fatty acids that keep heart healthy
  • Almond monitors and helps to lower blood sugar, blood pressure  and low cholesterol level
  • Pistas like almonds contain healthy fatty acids, fibres and antioxidants that help in weight management

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