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Mango lovers are sure to like the taste and aroma of Chunda pickle special. Gujaratis have been traditionally making this pickle out of grated raw mango, jaggery or sugar syrup and chilly powder. Chunda pickle tastes heavenly with theplas, khakhra, puris and parathas. The sweet, sour and spicy taste makes it a favourite pickle for breakfast. Would you like to avail a 500 gm jar of Chunda pickle special which contains 0% fat, 0% protein and 13.2 gm carbohydrate? Get it from the counter of Foodstop, the leading seller of premium pickle products. Savour the sweet taste of king of the summer fruits with our Chunda pickle.


  • Chunda pickle special made of mango is a natural source of vitamins like Vit. B1, B2 and C
  • The presence of turmeric enriches the pickle with antiseptic property
  • It is good for digestive health 

Unit: 500 gm

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