Calcutta Jeera Goli Mukhwas 250G


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Known for generations to be the perfect ending to the meal, Calcutta Jeera Goli by FoodSpot captures the flavours and health benefits of this beloved mukhwas. Each goli is a mix of sweet, salty and other flavours lent by dry ginger, dry mango, peppers, salt and sugar. It also contains active ingredients like neembusat and peeplamool which bring a lot more to the table. A 100 gm serving of the goli contains 88.4 gm of carbohydrates and the quantity of fat is negligible. It also contains a lot of other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.



  • Cumin promotes digestive health and is commonly used to treat indigestion and hyperacidity as it increases the secretion of bile from the liver.
  • Cumin is a rich source of iron and it promotes bone health.
  • The Indian long pepper or the peeplamool cures intestinal gas and heartburn.


Unit: 250 gm

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