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Organic honey is nature’s blessing. At Foodspot, you can avail pure and fresh honey, directly
sourced from the beekeepers in India. Organic honey is a highly nutritional food having
beneficial effects on the human body.


  • Organic honey is a natural source of glucose and fructose.
  • It is a rich storehouse of vitamins – Vit. A, B, C, D, E, and K. It also contains essential
    minerals required for body functioning.
  • Its antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities can cure chronic problems like bronchitis,
    asthma, sinus and allergies.
  • It can heal up wounds and injuries. Honey helps to combat depression, insomnia,
    fatigue and nervous disorders.
  • It can control high blood pressure.Honey is good for the stomach because of its anti-
    toxic and laxative properties.
  • Raw honey is ideal as a beautification agent and can be mixed with other herbal
    ingredients to make rejuvenating facial and skin rejuvenating packs.

Buy exclusive organic honey right from the reputable online food seller, Foodspot.

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