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Kesar is a premium spice commonly used as a seasoning and flavoring agent. The crimson-
hued stigma and style of this flower are hand-harvested and dried for human
consumption. Threads of Kesar or saffron has high nutritional value and is blessed with
abundant health benefits. This exclusive product originated from Greece, and ever since
appreciated for its impressive medicinal properties.


    • It acts as a memory and mood booster (a good anti-depressant).
    • A powerful anti-oxidant and helps to protect human cells, the building blocks of life.
      It helps in improving brain health.
    • Eases out problems related to PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome).
    • It has stunning cancer-fighting properties. It can help in weight loss management by
      reducing appetite. It prevents blood clogging in arteries of the heart, controls blood
      sugar, and improve adult eyesight in AMD patients.

At Foodspot we bring this luxury food product directly sourced from the gardens of Saffron

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