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One of the most famous sweet dishes in India is the BesanLadoo from FoodSpot. It has been around in Indian households for ages and is extremely popular among people of all age groups.Made out of pure besan, sugar, cardamoms, ghee, and cashews, the BesanLadoo is an absolute delicacy for your taste palette. The rich, sweet taste gives you an energy boost and is the perfect finish to every meal.It provides energy worth 211 kcal, along with a protein content of 4.2g in a measurement of 250g. Further, every 250 g of BesanLadoo contains 11g of fat and 24g of carbohydrates. 


  • High protein content
  • Contains abundant complex carbohydrates
  • Has low glycemic index 
  • High in folic acid
  • Boosts the growth of WBCs or white blood cells in bone marrow
  • Boosts the growth of RBCs or red blood cells.


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