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Turmeric is a favourite Indian spice which is used as a condiment that lends flavour and colour to Indian dishes. Amba Haldi (White Haldi or Raw Turmeric) is turned into pickle preparation along with chilly and other ingredients. Amba Haldi (looking like a ginger) has an interesting taste because raw turmeric smells like mango. The main highlight of Amba Haldi is that it is considered to be an effective Ayurvedic medicine. It is now easy for you to enjoy the goodness of raw turmeric because Foodspot has Amba Haldi pickle containing 1.94 gm protein, 16.89 gm fat and 14.04 gm carbohydrate. 


  • Naturally sourced Amba Haldi is blessed with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Raw turmeric is used as a skin lightening agent
  • It has cancer-fighting properties
  • Presence of antioxidants provide protection from allergies
  • Act as a digestive aid and helps to clear mucus out of the nasal passage

Unit: 500 mg

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