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Indian festivities and celebrations are never complete without sweets. We, at Foodspot
understand this importance. Hence, we offer a wide range of assorted sweets made out of
healthy and pure ingredients to sweeten up your special occasion or event. We welcome
you to a world of sweets. You will be spoilt for choices with Motichoor Ladoo, Dry Fruit
Churma Ladoo, Finiya Ladoo, Dink Ladoo, Methi Ladoo, Moong Daliya Ladoo, Roasted
Coconut Ladoo, Besan Ladoo, Kaju Katri and Jardalu Pak. Other sweetest offers include
Mewa Bite, Khajur Roll, Oreo Crunch, Mango Crunch, Strawberry Jelly, Ice Halwa, and Mini
Satha. Our sweets are packed with high nutritional value since they are made from pure
quality ingredients, such as cow ghee, sugar, jaggery, strawberry, mango, cashews, almonds,
raisins, walnuts, apricots, coconut water and many more. Nature-sourced spices are used to
add flavor to the sweets. Enjoy our low-calorie sweet delicacies at Foodspot.

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