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It’s time to freshen up with our delicious range of mukhwas available at Foodspot. At our online
counter, you will get an amazing variety of flavored mouth fresheners. Complement your full course
meal with our after-meal snacks like Sadabahar Mukhwas, Royal Roasted Mukhwas, Kutchi
Mukhwas, Pundi Mukhwas, Quinoa Seed Mukhwas, 7 Seeds Mukhwas, Pan Vati Mukhwas, Also
Mukhwas, Jamnagar Mukhwas, Panking Mukhwas, and Herbal Mukhwas. Pan lovers would woo over
our Maghai Pan, Green Pan Ball, Banarasi Pan, and Calcutta Pan Mix. Some more in the offer are
Pumpkin Seeds, Awla Ginger Crush, Honey Awlas, and Calcutta Jeera Goli. Healthy dry fruits, seeds
and other healthy ingredients combine to mukhwas a premium food choice. Coconut, dry dates,
cloves, nutmeg, fennel seeds, sesame seeds, betel leaves, dry ginger are to name few. Our mukhwas
acts as healthy digestive aids. They are sure to leave a lingering taste in the mouth.

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