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    • Baked Kachori 250G


      Baked Kachori are a delight and tasty snack. This snack is usually a round flattened ball made of fine flour filled with a stuffing of urad dal. It is a healthy snack and the best way to satisfy your munchies without the worry of to many added calories. The kachoris are usually deep fried but baked kachoris is a healthier version as they are baked instead. The taste however is not at all compromised and neither is the texture or appearance.

    • HF Roasted Royalseed Mix 250G


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      About the product: 

      HF Roasted Royal Seed Mix is a healthy blend of nutrition-packed ingredients. It belongs to Diet Farsan food category. It is a healthy salty snack and is an ideal food during fast. The ingredients present within the food mix are masoor dal, dried mango powder, watermelon seed, pumpkin seed, chat masala and edible oil. Enjoy a power-packed food comprising 11.9 gm protein, 12.4 gm fat and 34.4 gm carbohydrate. You can order 200 gm HF Roasted Royal Seed Mix from Foodspot.  


      • Roasted seeds are sources of fibres which maintain digestion system of the body
      • Rich sources of healthy mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats
      • Contain essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants; they have anti-cancer properties
      • Seeds help to maintain blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure level

      Unit: 200 gm

    • Multigrain Chiwda 250G


      Roasted multigrain chiwda is a healthy food specially made with puffed grains. It has many roasted grains which are combined to give you the perfect taste of goodness. It is a fun option for a craving between meals to just munch on something.

    • Roasted Moong Jor 250G


      Roasted moong jor is a healthy namkeen made by pressing and roasting moong beans. They are seasoned with pepper and few other spices. You must try these crunchy bites that are protein and power packed.

    • Roasted Panchrang Sev 200G


      Roasted panchrang sev is a healthy, delicious and crunchy snack. It is a good source of carbohydrates and high in dietary fibre. You can try this anytime throughout the day and enjoy this perfect snack.

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