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    • Buy Kesar Online


      Kesar is a premium spice commonly used as a seasoning and flavoring agent. The crimson-
      hued stigma and style of this flower are hand-harvested and dried for human
      consumption. Threads of Kesar or saffron has high nutritional value and is blessed with
      abundant health benefits. This exclusive product originated from Greece, and ever since
      appreciated for its impressive medicinal properties.


        • It acts as a memory and mood booster (a good anti-depressant).
        • A powerful anti-oxidant and helps to protect human cells, the building blocks of life.
          It helps in improving brain health.
        • Eases out problems related to PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome).
        • It has stunning cancer-fighting properties. It can help in weight loss management by
          reducing appetite. It prevents blood clogging in arteries of the heart, controls blood
          sugar, and improve adult eyesight in AMD patients.

      At Foodspot we bring this luxury food product directly sourced from the gardens of Saffron

    • Buy Organic Honey Online


      Organic honey is nature’s blessing. At Foodspot, you can avail pure and fresh honey, directly
      sourced from the beekeepers in India. Organic honey is a highly nutritional food having
      beneficial effects on the human body.


      • Organic honey is a natural source of glucose and fructose.
      • It is a rich storehouse of vitamins – Vit. A, B, C, D, E, and K. It also contains essential
        minerals required for body functioning.
      • Its antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities can cure chronic problems like bronchitis,
        asthma, sinus and allergies.
      • It can heal up wounds and injuries. Honey helps to combat depression, insomnia,
        fatigue and nervous disorders.
      • It can control high blood pressure.Honey is good for the stomach because of its anti-
        toxic and laxative properties.
      • Raw honey is ideal as a beautification agent and can be mixed with other herbal
        ingredients to make rejuvenating facial and skin rejuvenating packs.

      Buy exclusive organic honey right from the reputable online food seller, Foodspot.

    • Buy Pure Cow Ghee Online


      Pure cow ghee is an exclusive and delightful food. A dollop of pure ghee enhances the taste
      of food items on which it is added. Cow ghee is a vitamin-enriched food product – contains
      Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D. Pure cow ghee is an awesome dairy product
      sourced from the farmers in rural villages of India.


      • 100% fresh and pure ghee is powered with ample Ayurvedic benefits.
      • It provides healing effects to the body being a strong immunity booster.
      • It strengthens human memory and intelligence, keeps the digestive system in order
        by cleansing the intestines, and has anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties.
      • It is an energy booster, protects important body parts, and ensures development of
        brain and muscles.

      Buy pure ghee from Foodspot to remain in the pink of your health.
      You can avail 100% fresh and pure cow ghee at Foodspot, the online marketplace for
      premium delicacies.

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