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Gifting is an integral part of Indian festivals, celebrations and events like birthdays, marriages and anniversaries. Food gift baskets or trays have always been appreciated by the receiver because you can customize it with assorted range of food items. At Foodstop, you get unique gifting solutions. You can opt for Dry fruit Pouch or Dry fruit Tray. You can choose Mukhwas tray. Else you can opt for JuteStandee bag comprising of three jars of Mukhwas. The star attraction of our online food gift parlour is the Customize option. You can choose several food products as per your preference and gift the customizedgift package to your loved ones, friends and professional contacts. You can pack in delicious sweets (ladoos, mawa, jelly, kajur roll, mango crunch, etc.), and chikkis (made of varied nuts and jaggery). Mukhwas, cookies, farsans,and other exclusive items (cow ghee, organic honey and kesar) can also go in the combo pack.

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    • Customize


      About the product:

      This is a wonderful mixed bag gifting option available at Foodspot. You can gift a food hamper of tasty, nutritious snacks and desserts. Our customized food gift pack is an ideal way to send across festive wishes to your near and dear ones. This hamper comes packed with the taste and nutritional goodness of cookies, farsans, sweets, chikkis, mukhwas, pure cow ghee, organic honey and saffron. All the food products included within the customized pack, available at Foodspot, are made of organic ingredients. 


      • The food products are made of nutritious and healthy ingredients
      • Low calorie food products 
      • Ideal for health-conscious people
      • Good as food enhancers
      • Ideal as a digestive aids (mukhwas)
      • The ingredients are rich sources of valuable minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates
      • Helps in improving digestion
      • Most of the ingredient are energy booster and bolsters immunity system
    • Customize Dryfruit Tray


      About the product:

      Dry fruits are an important part of Indian diet. Intake of dry fruits has its share of intrinsic goodness. These are super food which strengthen up the body, boost haemoglobin and fights against diseases. Share this goodness with others. Select our Dryfruit Tray option available at Foodspot and make events, occasions and festivals special for dear ones, friends and official contacts. Enjoy the premium taste of Roasted Cashew (200 gm), Roasted Almond (200 gm), and Pista (200 gm)contained within food-grade jars and presented in a special, decorative tray. 


      • Dry fruits are blessed with nutritional benefits of protein, minerals and vitamins. 
      • Protein-rich cashew is a strong immunity booster because they have beneficial fatty acids that keep heart healthy
      • Almond monitors and helps to lower blood sugar, blood pressure  and low cholesterol level
      • Pistas like almonds contain healthy fatty acids, fibres and antioxidants that help in weight management
    • Customize Mukhwas Tray


      About the product:

      Indian diet is usually rich and spicy. Even though delicious, spicy food may end up in bloating up your stomach. You can use a digestive aid to prevent the occurrence of gas within the gut. Mukhwas are ideal digestive agents and mouth freshners that are loved by people across all communities in India. You can presenta tray of assorted range of Mukhwas to friends and family members as a lovely gift. You can avail Mukhwas tray at Foodspot, the best portal to place online orders for premium and healthy food products. Our Mukhwas tray has on its platter Kutchi Mukhwas, M.Mukhwas, Pumpkin Seeds, Pundi Mukhwas and Sadabahar Mukhwas. All these products come in equal-sized jars containing 125 gm of each type of Mukhwas.  


      • Mukhwas are healthy post-meal snacks
      • They prevent stomach bloating 
      • They are tasty mouth freshners refreshing breath
      • Mukhwas reduce the need for HCL supplements

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