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    • Jain Kela Chiwda 200G


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      About the product: 

      Kela Chiwda is a favourite food of the Jains. They find it to be an ideal, nutritious food during fasting. It is a salty snack made of healthy ingredients and amazing flavours. The ingredients present here are banana, dry fruit, kadipatta, salt and sugar. This tasty Jain Kela Chiwda is one of the popular Jain-friendly food products. Place online order of 200 gm snack at Foodspot. The food contains 0.7 gm protein, 9.5 gm fat and 17 gm carbohydrate.


      • Jain Kela Chiwda is a great energy providing food.
      • Chiwda or rice flakes is rich source of carbohydrates
      • Banana is a nutritious fruit – contains Vitamin C, contains manganese which is beneficial for skin
      • Potassium present in banana fruit is healthy for heart; this fruit also aids the digestive system. 
      • Dry fruits are super foods that boost up human immunity

      Unit: 200 gm

    • Kutchi Methi Khakhra 250G


      Methi Khakhra is an all time favourite Gujarati snack. The enhanced flavour of sprinkled spices and sesame seeds makes it an irresistable snack. Also this whole wheat methi khakhra is a rich source of protein and fibre. You must try this tasty treat and lose your cravings for junky snacks.

    • Lemon Bhel 200G


      Lemon Bhel is a combination of crackly bhel whipped with citrusy juice of fresh lemons. Its tangy taste will satisfy your taste buds and will crave you to have more and more of it. At the same time it is a healthier option as it has fewer calories and is considered as diet food.

    • Lemon Chana 250G


      Lemon Chana is typically eaten as a snack. It is low in fat and packed with energy which works well to satisfy hunger and keeping blood sugar level stable. Also the crispness of chana and tanginess of lemons enhances the flavours. You must try this delightful and super yummy lemon chana.

    • Maha Masala Chana 250G


      Maha Masala Chana is a major snacking and munching addiction. It is the fusion of Indian Masala with crunchy roasted chickpeas. Its crunchy, tangy and exotic which will make you addictive to its flavours.

    • Methi Muthiya 250G


      Methi Muthiya are dumplings made from chickpea flour and fenugreek leaves. It is one of the most favourite snack of Gujaratis. It has an exciting crunch and tongue- tickling flavour which will make you have more and more.

    • Mini Bhakharwadi 200G


      Mini Bhakarwadi is a besan rolled snack filled with sweet and spicy coconut filing enhanced with the flavour of toasted spices. Bhakarwadi is also a popular snack of Gujarat and Maharashtra. It has a perfect fusion of sweetness, tanginess and spiciness. It is handy size spiral shaped that is extremely mouth watering.

    • Mobile Khakhra 200G


      Mobile Khakhra is crispy and full of variant flavours that are appetising and fantastic. They can be clubbed with veggies and dips. Also its portable shape allows them to store and carry them easily anywhere. Thus you must try these subtle taste and an innovative shape khakhras.

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