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    • Ajwain Biscuits 250G


      Ajwain Biscuits that is a complete healthy and delicious snack often atkin with tea and coffee. Ajwain Biscuits contain whole wheat flour, sugar, salt, butter, baking powder, ajwain and some milk. The main ingredient of these ajwain biscuits is ajwain which is extremely beneficial for digestion. Ajwain is also known as carom seeds has a strong and slightly bitter taste. Try these ajwain biscuits which are extremely delicious, fresh, mesmerizing aroma and a long shelf life.

    • Assorted Mix Cookies 250G


      Assorted mix cookies equally loved by adults and children. These cookies contain variety of flavors and tastes. Further these cookies have a good nutritional value and can be eaten as snacks with tea and coffee. Along with this these cookies have a long shelf life and can be taken for trips. So if you have a cookie taste bud and love a sweet treat then these assorted mix cookies are a perfect combination for you.

    • Bajari Khopta 1 PKT


      Bajari Khopta is a rare and delicious low calorie snack. Its main ingredient is bajar which is a common staple food item consumed at large across the country. Bajari Khopta is an exotic snack that can be served with pickles according to the taste and preference of people. This snack is also extremely nutritious as it contains proteins and carbohydrates.

    • Bajari Vada 200G


      Bajari Vada is a vegan snack of gujrati cuisine. It is made from pearl millet flour, spices and few herbs. The main ingredient used in this snack is Bajra which is a good warming food grain. These bajari vadas can be served with curd or can be taken along with tea or coffee as an evening snack. They can also be taken for picnics and travels. But they must be stored in an airtight container.

    • Bajra Lasun Rotla 400G


      Bajra Lasun Rotla is traditional indian flatbread consumed in western parts of India. It can be served with dal, lahsun ki chutney, white butter or onions. It is extremely delicious and is liked by everybody.

      Benefits –

      1. Helps in weight loss

      2. Reduces cholesterol level in the body

      3. Digestion of food in the body

      4. Highly nutritious

    • Baked Kachori 250G


      Baked Kachori are a delight and tasty snack. This snack is usually a round flattened ball made of fine flour filled with a stuffing of urad dal. It is a healthy snack and the best way to satisfy your munchies without the worry of to many added calories. The kachoris are usually deep fried but baked kachoris is a healthier version as they are baked instead. The taste however is not at all compromised and neither is the texture or appearance.

    • Bhakri Garlic 200G


      Bhakri Garlic are an ideal light and dry snacking option. Garlic adds oodles of taste to the crunchy texture of Bhakri. It has a mild spicy and crispy taste. It is made with wheat flour, spices, oil and garlic. They can be had with pickles and vegetables for greater taste.

    • Bhakri Plain 200G


      Bhakri Plain is a fantastic dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner taken mostly in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Traditionally it is made with jowar flour which is also known as sorghum and is considered as one of the most nutritious grains.

      Benefits –

      1. Improves digestive health

      2. Helps in weight loss

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