Buy Dry Fruits Online

Buy Dry Fruits Online

At Foodspot, we care about you and your health. With the growing need of good quality dry fruits, we offer you handpicked selections. Sourced directly from the right producers, our selection of dry fruits is wide and is high in quality. We offer you various types of dry fruits, from normal ones to some fried variants. Our selection of dry fruits can be used as healthy snacks as well. At FoodSpot, you will find, Afghan Kishmish, Anjeer, Kaju (Cashews) ,Fried Kaju, Mamro Badam, Jardalu , Various types of Khajur, Walnuts and more. There are multiple benefits of having the dry fruits – they are highly nutritious, have good amount of anti-oxidants in them, high in fiber content, boosts your immunity, rich in anti-ageing and skin-friendly properties and so on. Now, you can easily buy dry fruits online from FoodSpot and enjoy the series of health benefits they offer. We provide you the formula to remain healthy and hearty always.

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    • Afghan Kishmish 250G


      About the Product

      At Foodspot you can find the best dry fruits online. Our selection of Aghan Kismish comes directly from authentic suppliers, and its 100% authentic. We bring you the direct supply of the most best and from trustworthy suppliers to enjoy. The level of nutrition in Kishmish packaging is Energy = 299 kcal, Sugar = 59.19 g, Carbohydrates = 79.18 g, and Protein = 3.07 g. For a healthy intake, experts suggest consuming 30g of kishmish in a day, as a snack or otherwise. 


      • Helps in better digestion.
      • Regulates blood pressure. 
      • Improves bone strength.
      • Improves body’s immunity. 
      • Prevents anemia.
      • May prevent bad breath.
      • Has a high level of antioxidants. 
      • Has many vitamins. 
      • Helps in combating hypertension.
      • Keeps your eyes healthy. 
      • Reduces sexual weakness. 
      • Protects your teeth. 
      • Helps you fight minor infections. 
      • Protects the skin. 
      • Hydrating for your skin.
      • Offers protection against the sun.

      Unit: 250G

    • Ajawa Khajur 200G


      About the product:

      At Foodspot you can find the best dry fruits online for your everyday needs. The product Ajawa Khajur are directly imported from the Arabian countries and are completely pure. We ensure that our products are high on authenticity. Every 100 grams of Ajawa Khajur offers you Energy of 282 kcal, 2 g protein, 75 g Carbohydrate, and has no fat. Ajawa Khajur has multiple benefits and can be used as a healthy snack and can be eaten anytime during the day. For best benefits daily consumption is important.



      • Helps in improving digestion. 
      • It relieves constipation.
      • It is good for your heart. 
      • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
      • It reduces the risk of stroke. 
      • It helps in maintaining blood pressure. 
      • Boosts brain health. 
      • Improves health during pregnancy. 
      • Promotes nervous system health.
      • Offers a good amount of energy. 
      • Improves your bone health and bone strength.


      Unit: 200G

    • Anjeer 250G


      Anjeer is a bell-shaped dry fruit and comes with a sugary aroma. Foodspot helps you find 100% authentic anjeer and helps you buy them under dry fruits online. We source our anjeer from the best suppliers to ensure good grade quality.  In every 10 grams (approx.) of anjeer, you can find energy of 74.09 kcal, 750 mg of protein, 35 mg calcium, and 370 mcg iron. As per experts a daily and regular consumption of 30 grams is advised. Anjeer is naturally sweet, so these can be used as sweeteners or in deserts. 


      • These are a good source of minerals and vitamins
      • They offer excellent support to your skin.
      • Aids weight loss.
      • Helps in relieving hypertension. 
      • Is rich in antioxidants. 
      • It may help in curbing cancer.
      • Helps you fight iron deficieny and dieases related to iron deficiency. 
      • Good for your bones. 
      • It is good for your heart health. 
      • Good for diabetes.

      Unit: 250G

    • Irani Khajur 200G


      Irani Khajur

      We believe in making your shopping for dry fruits easy, which is why we offer you the perfect selection of dry fruits online at Foodspot. We source our Iranic Khajur from the best of best suppliers. These are checked thoroughly to ensure the quality of the same. The nurtional content in our package for Irani Khajur is Energy = 285  kcal, Protein = 5 g, Carbohydrate =  65 g, and Fat = 0 g. Experts advice people to have around 6 six dates a day. 



      • Khajur, dates, could help you to lose weight healthily. 
      • These also help in keep your intestines in good shape.
      • Dates are high in soluble fiber, which is good for your body. 
      • Dates help you to build better and stronger cardiac muscles. 
      • These have high antioxidant content. 
      • Helps you to keep your blood in healthy condition.
      • Is rich in iron, which again is good for your blood.


      Unit: 200G

    • Jardalu 250G


      At Foodspot you can find the best dry fruits online. Straight from Himachal Pradesh, we help you to find the best sourced apricots in India. Our dry fruit selection is completely pure and is authentic. Our package of jardalu will help you to find Energy = 48 kcal, Protein = 1.4 g, Carbohydrate = 11 g, Fat = 0.4 g, and Sugar = 9.2 in a package. Experts recommend a consumption of 30g a day to witness the best benefits. Have them as snacks or add them to your breakfast, apricots have many benefits. 


      • It has many vitamins and minerals.
      • It is high in antioxidant content
      • It is good for your eye health. 
      • Improves your skin and is good for your skin health.
      • It is good for your gut.
      • These are very hydrating for your body. 
      • Promotes liver health.
      • Is a good source of potassium for your body.

      Unit: 250 Gram

    • Kaju Fry 240G


      Kaju Fry

      Our dry fruits online selection offers you Kaju Fry for healthy snacks to purchase and deliver to your home. Our kaju fry is made with freshs and pure kajus, cashews, to help you find the most benefits in your regular snack. In every 100 gms of Kaju Fry, you’ll find 553 kcal of energy, 18 g of protent, 30 g of Carbohydrate, 44 gof fat, and .9 g of sugar. Kaju Fry has been noted as one of the best snacks and can be had at any time. 



      • Cashews are known for high vitamin content. 
      • Cashews promote a good hearth and keep your heart healthy.
      • It acts as a Cancer Chemopreventive Agent.
      • It promotes better muscles and muscle health in body. 
      • It helps and improves your bones, as well as bone health. 
      • Boosts oral health. 
      • Prevents gallstones.
      • Helps you improve your immune system. 


      Unit: 200G

    • Kaju Sada W180 200G


      About the product:

      Sada Kaju of the highest quality can be found at Foodspot for you. Purchase your favority dry fruits online with Foodspot and enjoy. Our cashews are sourced directly from Indian farms and farmers. Every 100 grams of sada kaju will offer you 553 kcal energy, 18 g ofProtein, 30 g of Carbohydrate, = 44 g of fat and 5.9 g of sugar. The use of cashews has often been linked to many benefits. For best results, the daily recommended dose of consumption is 30gms. 


      • Helps in maintaining good hearth health. 
      • Cashews are filled with many viatmins. 
      • It promotes better bone strength. 
      • It helps you to boost and improve your immune system. 
      • Cashews are known to boost oral health as well.
      • They are known to prevent gallstones. 
      • It reduces the risk of anemia. 
      • It promotes the formation of RBCs in the body.

      Unit: 200 G

    • Mamro Badam AAA 200G


      About the product:

      Mamro Badam are one of our best selling products. These almonds have multiple health benefits and are sourced from authentic suppliers for you to enjoy a better health. This is the best selection for our dry fruits onlinesection. The nutrional value of these almonds in every 100 grams is equivalent as: Energy = 579 kcal, Fat = 50 g, Sugar = 4.4, Protein = 21  g, and Carbohydrate = 22 g. Experts recommend the consumption of 14 grams of almonds to boost your health every day. 


      • Almonds are packed with many nutrients. 
      • Almonds are loaded with antioxidants, which is why they purify your blood. 
      • This is the best source of vitamin E for your body. 
      • These can help you control your blood sugar levels. 
      • It aids in keeping your blood pressure in check. 
      • These can help you lower Cholesterol Levels

      Unit: 200G

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